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Bitspi-Sensing The World

Bitspi is dedicated to help the professionals and manufacturers associated with pollution monitoring by developing advanced products using cutting edge technology. Our dedicated products, continuous efforts in research, well equipped laboratories, and innovative software help customers to reduce service calls and increase productivity. Our goal is to develop highly efficient, accurate, robust and cost effective products that can enable our customers to compete in this competitive world. Our team provides continuous technical support to professionals, consultants and manufacturers. We encourage customer’s inputs and ideas to improve our services and products.

High Performance

Our products use high performance sensors that are fast responding, stable, repeatable, and capable of delivering the accurate information you need for your application.

Wireless Monitoring

Our products provide Wi-Fi access for calibration and configuration with a potential of analyzing the stored data.

Web/Mobile App

Bitspi products include cloud storage of data as well as REST API for customer specific web/mobile applications. The designed applications are synchronized with the data in the cloud and generate various monitoring graphs on request.

Real Time Alert

Receive real time alerts via email or text message when product is at risk. The alert system enables our customers to monitor products installed in remote areas.

Our Services

Bitspi is a pollution monitoring device development and product design firm. We are a full service company for Air Quality Monitoring devices, Noise Monitoring devices, Meteorological/Weather Monitoring Systems and Gaseous Pollutant Monitoring devices. Our expertise includes customized data logger design with optional WiFi and LoRa based connectivity and Plugin based plateform independent software for data analysis and report generation

Pollution Monitoring

24x7 online polution monitoring devices

Emission Sampling Equipment

Development of customized emission sampling equipment.

Development Support

Providing technical support to professionals and manufacturers in electronics system development and manufacturing.

Healthcare Services

Customized patient monitoring and data analytic services

Internet of Things

Application of direct to device communication protocol and LoRa based networks for IoT in pollution monitoring system.

Data Loggers

Design and development of customized data logger for specific applications.